Essay On Transitioning To Parenthood

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There are an equal amount of difficulties as well as enjoyment in being a new parent. Adamsons states that parenthood is the most common experience experienced by individual in the US (Adamsons 160). Parents should anticipate new challenges and lifestyles after the arrival of the baby. Arrival of the baby also puts a marital strain on the relationship between the spouse/partner. Family system is also influence by the addition of another baby. Even though there are many obstacles of taking care of a child, however the satisfaction of being a parent is unimaginable.
First, a new child brings numerous changes for both parents in their daily lifestyle. Transitioning to parenthood is a major life change that impacts parent’s personal lifestyle, health behaviors and health-related attitudes. The greatest change is experience for the women during the “first six moths postpartum”, while the men “experience changes across the first two years” (Adamson 161). After childbirth, parent’s demands
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The second child would not only divide the attention of their parents, but also finances and resources as well. It is tough for a child to accept his/her sibling in the very beginning, due to them now sharing their parent’s “attention and affect” (Berk 583). At first it impact the first child to be more demanding attention, and more clingy toward the parent. However eventually the sibling adjusts to the new situation and develops a close bond. Sibling rivalry grows during the middle childhood, because they are compared with one another more than before. Sibling rivalry can be reduced if the oldest child spends more time with the younger sibling, and developing affect (Berk 583-4). Parent treating all their children equally and not showing favoritism will decreases sibling rivalry. Both siblings will then have a positive interaction and it will reduce any threat from one

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