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  • Why Do Books Should Be Banned

    Books are challenged and banned for many reasons. One book that has been challenged many times is This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. Although it does have some mature themes, it should not be banned due to the fact that many adolescents go through, or have gone through, similar things in their lives and it can help them see that other people understand what they are going through. Also it talks about the taboo topics we don’t talk about in society, or which could be important…

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  • Essay On Should Sex Education Be Taught In Schools

    Knowing the Facts “Waaaaaaah!” Imagine waking up to a screaming, crying baby for the 8th time that night. 2:32 A.M. reads the clock. The young girl thinks to herself, “I’m 16 years old. I just got my license, I should not have a child.” Sex education should be taught to students because it reduces teen pregnancy, increases contraceptive use, and delays sexual activity. Do not misunderstand, children are a blessing, but they can make life extremely stressful when they are had at the wrong…

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  • Should Sex Education Be Taught In Schools Essay

    Sex Education in Schools Sex Education being taught in schools is a big debate between many Americans. Many people believe that it should not be taught, because it is too inappropriate. Others believe it is an important subject for teens to learn. Sex Education should be taught to students and teenagers in school. It has many benefits and advantages for teens. Although some teachers and parents may be uncomfortable with it, Sex Education is a necessity, because it can provide prevention or…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Paid Family Leave

    Rhetorical Analysis Paid family leave has become a more controversial subject over time, some say. According to Lisa Belkin, author of the article Paid Family Leave: Can We Change The Maternity And Paternity Leave Debates To Include Everyone, the United States have not fully addressed the need or want for paid maternity/ paternity leave or to take it one step further to include paid family leave. She states that many other countries such as “Sweden (480 days), Germany (365 days), Italy (90),…

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  • Summary: The Reproductive Rights Of Women

    Control over oneself is something that almost everyone strives for. From preteens to the elderly, freedom and autonomy is a basic human desire. This is case for women, in the past and present, which fought and are still fighting for control over their reproductive rights. A woman’s body is her own and women have been fighting for this freedom for hundreds of years. Many women come from different backgrounds and have been through different situations, so to restrict all women from making…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Sex Education In Public Schools

    Should sex education be taught comprehensively in public schools? The idea of teaching sex education as a whole has been a continuous debate since the 1960’s. “But, as early as 1912, the National Education Association required teachers to be trained in sexuality education” (Pardini 1). Some argue it should not be taught in schools at all or it should only be taught in the privacy of a parent’s home. Well, explain why “nearly 10,000 young people (aged 13-24) were diagnosed with HIV infection in…

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  • Social And Economic Impacts Of The Contraception Movement

    Various birth control methods have been around hundreds of years prior to the revolutionary contraception movement of the early 1900s. From cedar oil as a spermicide to condoms comprised of sheep intestines, people have been finding ways to limit pregnancies (Gibbs, Van Dyk, Adams). However, the contraception movement of the early twentieth century caused a spark in society. Women were vying for new and improved methods of contraception (Wardell 740). We must ask, ‘What were the social and…

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  • Comprehensive Sexual Education In Schools

    “Comprehensive sexual education should include, reproductive anatomy, physical and social growth changes through puberty, responsible relationships, sexual decision making, pregnancy and child birth, parenting responsibilities, abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, sexual abuse and assault, homosexuality (and other non-traditional sexualities), and abortion” according to Lindley, Reininger, Vincent, Richter, Saunders, and Shi…

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  • Essay On Preterm

    neurodevelopmental abnormalities impact about 50% of preterm infants in terms of their motor development, cognitive performance, and behavioral issues ( p.2 ). These trajectories can be altered due to interference in the intrauterine environment caused by preterm birth, thereby causing the immature maturation of cognitive constructs such as the cerebral cortex. These interferences…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Subsidized Birth Control

    In the same article, the researchers state, “Comparing these costs with the cost of government- subsidized contraception shows that expanding the use of subsidized birth control would produce sub- stantial taxpayer savings by helping more women avoid unplanned births.” They suggest that one of the best and most effective ways to prevent all these unplanned pregnancies is to “help women delay childbearing until they and their partners are in a stable relationship…ready to become parents, and…

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