1936 Summer Olympics

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  • Social Media In Olympics

    expected that events will employ different types in order to aid the construction and execution. In particular a closer look at how the olympics uses social media in the construction and execution of the event will be mgjgjdkfjgodfkgkd In the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics Andy Hunt, the British Olympic Association Chief Executive announced that this year 's Olympics would also be the first ‘Twitter Games’. This would involve the active encouragement of athletes to ‘embrace all accepts…

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  • Thorns: A Global City Analysis

    select an eligible city to host the 2012 Summer Olympics. Competing against five other global, post-industrial cities, London, England was selected to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. As the chosen host for the 2012 Summer Olympics, the city of London highlights the social, economic and cultural benefits of planning, production and execution of a major global event on a world stage. As a global, post-industrial city embodying the morals and values of the Olympic Games, the hosting of a global…

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  • Essay On Olympic Drug Testing

    Olympic drug testing is one way of finding out if the athletes really did work their hardest to achieve where they are on that day. Although Lance Armstrong and Ben Johnson may have good reason, all team members should be drug tested in order to compete in the Olympic games because new rules for anti-doping have been made, and once local athletes test positive for performance enhancing drugs, they should start thinking of new lives as codes seem to have nothing in place for them. Lance…

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  • Missy Franklin Biography

    seventeen and not only competing in your first Olympic competition, but also winning it. Even though to most people it seems impossible, but that's exactly what Melissa or Missy Franklin did by winning four gold, plus a bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics. As a result earning herself the nickname “Missy the Missile”. Currently missy holds the world title for the 200m backstroke. Throughout her life it was evident that Missy would make it to the Olympics, but the only question was when.…

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  • Controversy: The Olympic Games And Its Effects On Society

    To be straightforward, the Olympic Games are an international sports competition in which more than 13,000 athletes from over 200 countries compete in a variety of events. But when the history behind the Games, the entertainment witnessed by the spectators, and the dedication of the athletes are taken into consideration, the Games become more than just the greatest athletes competing on the world’s largest stage, they transform into a place for unity, sportsmanship, and extreme competition. For…

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  • Shawn Johnson Gymnast

    Shawn Johnson is a gymnast known for her Olympic debut at the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, China. Johnson earned a gold medal in the balance beam competition as well as three silvers in the floor, individual all-around, and team competitions. What many people don’t know is the success Johnson had before her Olympic debut and the hard work and dedication that helped her achieve her goals. Shawn Johnson was enrolled in gymnastics at the age of three as a way for her to burn off energy. She…

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  • Case Analysis: 20 Badass Athletes Who Played Through Serious Injuries

    What is the Physical Price for Athletics? What all does it take to become a gold medal Olympic champion? In the summer Olympics of 1996, gymnast Kerri Strug learned the hard way. As Kerri landed from a vault she snapped her ankle, but did her coach Bela Karolyi have her seek medical attention then? As I searched for my article, five articles titled similar to “20 Badass Athletes Who Played Through Serious Injuries” appeared in just the first two search pages. These webpages set the example for…

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  • Olympic Athlete

    To take the challenge of an olympic athlete is a rewarding experience. The sacrifice they take to achieve this journey is immeasurable, but the lessons will guide their whole life. Athletes from all over the world have trained for many years so that they may all come together every four years to compete in either the winter or summer Olympics. The Olympic Games don’t just bring in the competing athlete’s, but it also brings in the family members and the fans from all over the world to enjoy…

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  • Social Outbreaks Of The 1960s Olympics

    Political Outbreaks of the 1960s Olympics “Bang”! The runners jump off their blocks from the start and begin to pick up lightning speed. Faster and faster, one runner breaks away, and you hear the crowd roar with excitement when the runner gets closer and closer to crossing the finish line with a new world record. The Olympics has become an amazing way to showcase worldwide competition while putting political and social issues aside. Although, not every Olympics has run as smoothly by the host…

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  • Wilma Rudolph Thesis

    importantly, who knew that, in 1960, an inspiration would be made? That legend and inspiration was an Olympic sprinter by the name of Wilma Glodean Rudolph. When Wilma was an infant when she contracted polio, which led to paralysis in her legs. Even though the odds were never in her favor, Rudolph put herself to the test and went on to win three gold medals in various track events at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Wilma Rudolph inspires me for her perseverance through hard times, doing what was once…

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