Hamlet is Guilty of Murder Essay

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Sadly, I am of the opinion that Hamlet is guilty of the murders of Polonius and Claudius.I wish that I could say he is not, but it would be a lie. Hamlet is calculating, cunning, and sly. From the moment his father died, and his mother remarried his father’s brother, he has been scheming. He knew something was amiss, and he would do anything to get to the bottom of it. Here are the reason’s why I know this is true. After Hamlet’s mother became remarried Hamlet felt that there was something wrong. He was suspicious of his Uncle, and already grief stricken, Hamlet’s suspicions were doubled, One night he was told his father’s ghost had appeared, and upon meeting this spirit he was told that the new king, Claudius, has poured poison into the …show more content…
If Hamlet were insane when he committed these murders, how would he have had the rational thoughts to confront his mother about her sex life, and to very rationally consider committing suicide? When Hamlet stabbed Polonius, he didn’t even seem to care that he had killed someone. He thought it was Claudius and merely shrugged at the fact that it wasn’t. He had a point and purpose to everything that he did. Furthermore, when the traveling theater came to town he told them to add in a few things, to indeed, play out his father’s murder. Do you think a mad man would have thought of that? Don’t you think he would have just killed Claudius in the beginning? No, Hamlet is not insane, he wanted Claudius to hurt, even before he murdered him. Hamlet seemed to be out of his mind before the play, but did he seem out of sorts at all while the theater group carried out his devious plan? No, he did not, he seemed completely normal, and in his right mind. While Hamlet contemplated suicide it is obvious that he was thinking rationally. He wonders whether he should live and go through life, struggling with life’s difficulties, or if he should die, sleep forever. He comments on the fact that most people don’t commit suicide because they don’t know what happens after they die. The fear of not knowing keeps them on earth, continuing to struggle. Why would an insane

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