Themes Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Racism stands for more than one thing. In this case Harper Lee expresses that the theme in “ To Kill A MocKingbird” is you should never judge or mistreat someone because of their skin color. In this book a black man was found guilty for raping a white women when he was clearly innocent, in addition he was also shot 17 times because he was black. In some cases shooting someone 17 times and is unarmed is called overkill. So, therefore, racism is still a big thing in the U.S. today
Tom Robinson, an African American man found guilty for a crime he didn’t commit such as raping a white women, whose name is Mayella. Mayella’s father walked in and saw them together, but from his point of view it may have looked as if something was happening, However
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Tom Robinson was that black, in this case he was found guilty of raping a white women. There was and exercise day for the prisoners Tom was one of the prisoners. He began to run towards to fence and started to climb it. Everyone thought he was dangerous even though he only had one arm that worked. When he started to climb one of the guards yelled at him to stop but tom didn’t listen so they shot and killed him 17 times “ Tom is dead.” “Aunt Alexandra put her hand to her mouth.” “They shot him,” “He was running. It was during the exercise period. They said he just broke into a blind raving charge at the fence and started climbing over. Right in front of them” “ Didn't they try and stop him? Didn't they give him any waring?” Aunt Alexandra's voice shook.” Oh yes, the guards called him to stop. They fired a few shots into the air, then to kill. They got him just as he went over the fence. They said if he’d had two good arms he’d have made it, he was moving that fast. Seventeen bullets holes in him. They didn't have to shoot him that much.” page 315. They shot Tom way to many times, but yet if that was a white man he probably wouldn’t have been shot that many times.
In conclusion, back in the 1900s racism was a huge deal. “ To Kill A MocKingbird” was made in the 60’s which shows how much the world has changed since the 60’s

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