To Kill A Mockingbird And Michael Donald's Character Analysis

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There are many things in the world that we simply can not change, from wanting to change the color of your hair to wishing that world hunger would come to an end, but there 's just somethings that aren’t meant to be changed. Being born African American isn’t something you can choose to be and not be, it’s just something overtime that you learn to deal with, and soon strive. Here you will see the comparison between Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird and Michael Donald and how a character in a book is so realistic to what actually happens in real life. Here are their stories..
On November 21, 1930’ish Tom Robinson was coming home from work when Mayella Ewell asked him to come inside and help her with a door that she was having problems with.
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Cunningham feel guilty in a way that only Scout could do. Before they knew it the group of men decided that they were better off if they just went home, at that moment Scout was able to postpone the inevitable just for a while longer to really teach the town a lesson.
The court day quickly approached and not long after did it end. Atticus who was defending Robinson had made some very excellent eye opening points to the jury but in a way Robinson screwed himself out of possible going free. During the trial Atticus brought up Robinson wouldn’t have been able to beat her due to the fact that he had to use his disabled arm which obviously couldn’t have been done, however whenever Robinson was asked is Mayella purposely threw herself at him he never agreed with it.
Robinson was later found guilty and was sentenced to death. Before he left the electric chair get the best of him Robinson tried to escape out of the jail yard one day by climbing the fence. Maybe if he wouldn’t have had a disabled arm maybe the outcome would have been different but since that slowed him down he was shot seventeen times after he was given two warning
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Earlier that same day Josephus Anderson was being charged for murdering a white police officer Birmingham, and the trial was to take place in Mobile. However the jury couldn’t come to a verdict, the United Klans of America could clearly see what they believed was the problem, they more than willingly told of how having African Americans on the jury was obviously keeping the jury from convicting Anderson. “If a black man can get away with killing a white man, we ought to be able to get away with killing a black man.”, said Bennie Jack Hays however the case was declared to be a mistrial. Angering the United Klans of America two people (Henry Hays and James Knowles) went looking for any African American they could get their dirty hands on when they spotted Michael

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