Inequity Legal System Analysis

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Judicial murder made by inequity legal system

In the month after “Making a Murderer” premiered on Netflix, more than 129,000 Americans signed a petition to pardon Avery and Dassey for their convictions to the murder of Halbach and in the book ‘in cold blood’ written by Truman Capote, the two murderers were treated by ignoring the mental problem influence of theirs, they stayed in prison for five years and were finally performed death penalty. After reading the book and watching the TV show, I think these crimes sufficiently prove that there is a fundamental inequity at work in countless branches of legal system.

Making a Murderer tells a story about the life of Steven Avery, who was convicted of rape in 1985 and imprisoned for 18 years, despite
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Firstly, the judicial system didn’t try hard to avoid the unfair punishment to the suspects. In the Clutter’s crime, Perry leaded a vagabond life and he was always had a violent temper. He had an abusive childhood, which left him with some childlike behaviors such as wetting the bed and sucking his thumb when he cries in his sleep. To add injury to insult, Perry also had got into a motorcycle accident. According to all of his characteristics above, the court still ignored his possibility of mental problem and proved that he was sane. In the crime of Avery in Making a Murderer, Avery and his nephew’s intelligence was very less, however, it still couldn’t help them to avoid the punishment. About the process of the trial, the location and time of the Clutter’s crime weren’t changed to avoid the local influence of the murder and two members of the jurors didn’t have neutral attitude. In Making a Murderer, the choice of the lawyers didn’t work hard for the crime. The members of the jurors admitted that they had special relationship with the police station and they had secret trading votes before the trail and the worst action of the polices was that they trapped Brendan, Avery’s nephew, whose IQ was just about 70, to admit Avery and he were …show more content…
In the Clutter’s crime, Perry changed his final testimony to that he killed the whole Clutter family, not Dick. However, the result of the trial is to give both of them death penalty, that didn’t make sense because if both the testimony and the evidences couldn’t show that Dick murdered people, why he was punished by death penalty. There were also miscalculations in the crime of Avery which most caused by the bias of the police officers. Avery was charged by a rape crime, which evidences were forged by the police in 1985, they changed the picture of the suspect to a man which was like Avery although was different from the description of the victim and they also ignored the alibi of Avery proved by 22 people. Another charge of Avery after he was finally free in 2005 was the police thought he murdered Teresa, however, the evidences of the crime were mostly fake, parts of Teresa’s burned bones were found in Avery’s yard and her car key was found in Avery’s room, but the bones had unusual fracture and were separated located in another two places, and there was no Teresa’s finger print on her car key. That might be someone transferred the bones and the car key to frame Avery. The police also found bullet in Avery’s garage, however, there were no blood in the garage and when the investigator determine the DNA of the bullet, they made a mistake, which removed the DNA on the bullet. The officer Lenk was

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