Essay on Why People Attending College Or University

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“What is the main purpose of going to college or university”
Those people who finished up with high school, they might be thinking about whether to continue their higher education by starting with college or university. There are diverse ideas and opinion related to the main purpose of why people attending college or university. According to Michelle Adam’s article “Is college worth it” the two main causes for people going to college or university are either personal and intellectual growth or career preparation. Taking all the facts and research into consideration, I believe that the main purpose of people going to college or university is more to build up their capacity related to their future career. There are several reasons that people attend college for career preparation, which includes but not limited to; have a good job, high salary, and etc.
Nowadays, the first level university degree is the basic requirement for many good vacancies. In the most recent American Freshman survey conducted by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at the University of California–Los Angeles, 85.9 percent of entering students said that “to be able to get a better job” was the number one reason they were pursuing college degrees (Pryor et al. 2011, 9; emphasis mine) In my own experience, I paid the price for not having at least a bachelor degree as I worked for an international organization for almost 13 years but although, I had the experience to be upgraded to a professional…

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