English 099 Reflective Essay

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Have you ever wondered how influenced you can be by taking a class? Recently, I have taken a very helpful class which is English 099. This class has helped me in so many ways that it will be remembered as one of the best. It is a great opportunity to prepare you for future classes, and to keep you focus on what you have to do in those classes in order to pass them with good grades. Being an English 099 student has offered me several benefits throughout my entire semester which are improvement of grammar, a better understanding, and preparation for future classes. The first benefit English 099 has offered me throughout my entire semester is improvement of grammar. Grammar has played a very important role in this class for me because it is a challenge that makes you a better writer. Every single exercise I have done has taught me the importance of having good grammar, Like Michel de Montaigne said once, “The greater part of the world 's troubles are due to questions of grammar,” the class was a big help for me because I was having bad grammar; however, I did …show more content…
Like said before, this class is a preparation for classes that are more challenging than this one. John Dewey said once, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself,” and this class has shown me that. All the material I have learned since day one has been a good help for me because it prepares me for future classes in this case English 101 which is considered for many people as a challenging class. Every assignment I have been given to do is a little preparation for me, and I have done the best of me to get good grades based on what I have learned since the first lesson. I have to admit that all the assignments I did in this class were hard for me, but I learned that showing your abilities and focusing on what I have to do, it makes the assignments easier than how they really

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