The Importance Of Employee Satisfaction

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Every company’s primary goal is profitability. According to research done by a Purdue University professor, employee’s motivation and satisfaction have a direct link to a company’s profit even when there is no direct customer contact (Purdue Research, 2015). The researcher went on to say the reason for this is because the company exhibits strong organizational communication or communication that is passed down from upper to lower management, down to their subordinates (Purdue Research, 2015).
Chick-fil-A and McCoy’s Building Supply Center are two companies that have over two billions dollars in sales annually (Schermerhorn, J., 2012). Although these companies are involved in different industries, they have a few things in common. They both
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What was once measured on politeness, timely service, and a smile is now measured on timing alone. An employee is a very important attribute to one’s company and is the first line of communication between the company and their profits. Employee’s exhibit the beliefs and values of management through the way the employees treat their customers. Customer satisfaction can be forwarded from job satisfaction. According to the text, job satisfaction is the degree an individual feels towards the job, it can be positive or negative (Schermerhorn, J., 2012). The employee’s job satisfaction should be very important to the employer because the employees’ happy or angry moods and emotions can be passed on to the consumer. The employee’s attitude and feelings exhibit work related attitudes (Schermerhorn, J., 2012). Employees of corporations such as Chick-fil-A and McCoy’s exhibit a very high organizational commitment or strong desire of the team member to be a part of the corporation (Schermerhorn, J., 2012). So when management keeps their employees happy, the employees keep the customers …show more content…
This behavior takes away from, rather than contributes to the organizational performance. Absenteeism and turnover are two very common work-related dysfunctional behaviors Absenteeism occurs when the employee fails to come to work and uses false reasoning. Employees’ turnover is when they walk away from their jobs. Both behaviors are very costly to the employer. Turnovers causes additional labor cost because a new employee must be trained. (Schermerhorn, J., 2012). Other dysfunctional behaviors are employee sabotage, theft, and workplace violence (Moorhead, 1992).
One way employers can keep turnover and absenteeism low is to offer incentives when the employee exhibits positive traits. Chick-fil-A uses many incentives and benefits to keep turnover low (Schermerhorn, J., 2012). One Chick-fil-A offers college scholarships for students with good work history. Another Chick-fil-A offers flexible work schedules, and free bowling trips to cut employee turnover (Schermerhorn, J,.

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