Case Study: Nepotism And The Job Search Experiences

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People also get employed through different avenues. There are people who find the job searching experience to be frustrating while others find it interesting. This depends on avenues that people use. It is easier for people to get employment in organizations where they have favorable contacts with current employees. From the case studies, it is evident that nepotism makes it easier for some people to attain employment. Mark attained employment due to the influence that his father had in the organization. A close look at his qualifications shows that he was not necessarily qualified for that job if academic qualifications were anything to go by. He had no actual background of the activities being executed. That was among the reasons he invested …show more content…
Peter, Joyce and I had a different experience. We had to do the job search and pass the relevant interviews without having people to make it easy for us. These examples are just an indication of the different experiences that people have while searching for employment. One might find it difficult compared to the other regardless of their qualifications. Nepotism is still prevalent in the job market despite the efforts that have been put in the past of ensuring equal access to opportunities. The satisfaction derived from every job is highly determined by the nature of workplace involved. There are organizations that enhance a culture that tends to boost employees morale. They ensure that their needs have been catered for at all times. However, there are other organizations that are not determined with enhancement of corporate social responsibility. Employees’ needs are not given much consideration. Such organizations’ workplaces have unsatisfied employees, and their morale is usually low (Simister, 2007). But most businesses are learning different ways of keeping their employees happy since this usually translates to happy customers. From the case studies, there are contrasting …show more content…
The workplace environment involved shapes the level of satisfaction that employees derive from their work. Reasons for being involved in certain employment opportunities also influence the level of motivation that people have while executing their duties. Gender is no longer a barrier for the nature of income generating activity an individual engages in. The workplaces are sufficiently diverse to incorporate anyone. Training received before commencement of working is determined by the job description. There are certain jobs that will require vigorous training, while there are others where the training is not necessary. The process of attaining employment is also different for everyone. There are people who have to undergo a lot of pressure before they can actualize the prospect of being employed. To others, it just comes easy depending on who they know within the organization they are seeking

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