Social Media Definition Essay

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First, we should understand that there is no magic bullet and no definitive set of metrics for social media. It is extremely important to take the time to delineate the social media metrics that best fit your company, because in doing so you are outlining how it is that you are going to measure success. Once that has been accomplished, the way to best tie your social media objectives to that of your business objectives - is to plan. To start, you set a standard or framework. This will help your company set its benchmarks from which to measure to see if in fact, you are achieving your goals or not. Professionals would call it as having a “business-focused social measurement strategy” (Etlinger, S., & Li, C., 2011).
In using this concept, your social media metrics could be broken down using either or both, the result based metric meaning conversions or the activity based metrics. An example can be the clicks on the “Like”, “Follow,’ or “Subscriber” buttons of social media pages to then have them evaluated on their direct relationship to what your company’s specific business metrics are, in correlation to your corporate priorities, customer service goals, product objectives, etc. Being that you should not just view social media as being one
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Because of that, now you have companies analyzing a new behavior called “consumer engagement.” Consumer engagement is considered as the measurement of the interaction that a potential client has with a company through the different online and social media platforms. So, for example: if a person is using Facebook, an engagement on their part would be clicking on the “Like” icon to a comment of your [new product’s release date]. As a marketing manager, the more involved you are on social media the better chance you have at having regular users becoming potential clients as you get them to commit to some sort of

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