Impact Of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Trends that Drive Small Business Success

The current technology revolution has completely changed the manner in which brands market and promote themselves. The expanse of the internet and the emergence of social media platforms have provided businesses with immediate and intimate mediums through which they can engage their customer base. Never has it been so important for small businesses to effectively engage their target audience. Although the global economy has been highly volatile over the last several years, it has proven to be fertile soil for the launch of small businesses; however, the increase in the number of small businesses has intensified the level of competition in the small business market, and this has
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Social Media as a Pivotal Part of Marketing Strategies
Social media marketing is no longer a novice idea for marketing directors to toy around with; it has become one of the most powerful mediums through which businesses are able to build and cultivate relationships with their customer base. This is important because it is these type of business to customer relationships that build the trust that is necessary to cultivate long-term relationships that lead to customer loyalty, which is the foundation of longevity for small businesses.
According to the annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 96 percent of those surveyed admitted to using social media marketing on some level, and 92 percent of those using social media agreed that social media marketing was an essential part of their marketing strategy.
Facebook Dominates Small Business Social Media
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With more than one billion users worldwide, Facebook is the largest social media platform on the planet. While there are very few business that will be able to market to the entire platform, the popularity and the engagement dynamic of Facebook, make it the ideal platform. Not only is it highly intuitive, but the manner in which people engage one another on this platform makes it easy for businesses to engage their target audience.
People on Facebook have been conditioned to expect to be engaged, and they have also been conditioned to respond, making it an ideal platform for collecting customer intelligence. While most businesses will use multiple social media platforms as a part of their social media strategy, Facebook leads all social media platforms when it comes to being used by businesses as a marketing and branding tool, with 93 percent of businesses using this platform, as opposed to the 79 percent who use Twitter, which is the second most exploited social media marketing resource.
It is worth noting that Twitter is gaining ground on Facebook, especially with the new advertising opportunities that it offers. Business owners should definitely explore the opportunities offered by platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, both of which have doubled in traffic over the last two years.
Using Facebook Analytic Tools to Measure Campaign

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