Role Of Social Media In Modern Organization

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The Role of Social Media in Modern Organizations
Social media is the interaction among people to create, share information and exchange ideas in virtue networks (Katona & Sarvary, 2014). Today, social media is a tool that no organization can ignore. Social media is used by different people as a mode of communication. However, for organizations, if used efficiently it can aid in the processes of an organization. Every organization today is well versed in technology and in the modern world, social media is part of the lives of many people. It is for this reason that we ask, ‘can an organization avoid social media in the modern world?
At its onset, social media was used for private interactions. As we progress, we can see that its use has broadened.
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There is the argument that social media interferes with the privacy of an organization and too much exposure may not be good for an organization. However, it is important to note that since it became clear that social media is a business tool, organizations through the human resource department employed social media managers. These managers control what is posted online and take care of responses to any inquiries or complaints.
Social media substitutes spending on media (Fulgoni, 2015). Organizations can choose to either use the organic communication or paid communication (Fulgoni, 2015). For the organic communication, an organization posts information and does not pay for it. The consumers then share that information with others and this can lead to revenue generation. For the paid communication, the advertiser will pay for the content to be shared online. Whether an organization chooses organic or paid communication, the result will be that it will save on cost, unlike using the traditional modes of
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The proponents of this argument justify it by saying that the number of likes, shares and responses through social media is not equivalent to the number of sales. This is true; however, the role of social media is to make people aware about an organization and its products and services. It creates a forum of interaction between the organization and the users of its goods or services. The information gathered through social media is used to improve a brand (Mount, M., & Garcia Martinez, 2014). Unlike other forms of advertisements where an organization cannot get immediate information on the areas that need improvement, social media enables this interaction. For an organization, being responsive to the needs of the clients means customer satisfaction and this means that more people will purchase a particular brand or hire the services of a particular

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