Effects Of Social Media On Consumer Behavior

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Social media's effect on social behavior has been met with mixed emotions, but the influence on consumer behavior has resulted in mostly positive, but some negative, outcomes. The emergence of social media, as related to consumer consumption, includes the development of new channels of communication, new ways to engage and interact, and new ways to research products and services. With these new conveniences consumers have become increasingly connected, demanding, and conscientious.
If utilized correctly, marketers can significantly influence consumer behavior through social media channels. Ultimately driving change in how we shop, travel, network, learn, interact, and experience as consumers.
Consumer Behavior and Social Media
Consumer behavior “is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires.” (Delgado, 2013) Marketers draw on the fields of psychology and sociology to better understand consumer behavior. These behaviors involve consumer’s thoughts, feelings, experiences, and internal/external influences. Technology acts as an external influence that helps in the facilitations of interactions and exchanges. Consumers interact via social media every day, discussing what’s hot and what’s not, who is having
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Some benefits include; ease of information exchange, convenience, increased social interaction, and valuable access to timely information. Conversely, there are challenges that include; reduction of face to face communication, reliability of data, and the effect on how we speak (text speak vs proper grammar). With the balance of power seemingly shifting over the past decade, placing the consumer in the driver’s seat, it is even more important for retailer and consumers to leverage all forms of social

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