Google Marketing Plan Analysis

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Google has created a connection, through bringing the idea of human connection and reunification to life by a carefully constructed brand story. The scene set in India, shows how desire can overcome obstacles with the help of Google. Google encouraged consumers to share it, and created a #hashtag to generate buzz and encourage consumers to talk about it. Well-done Google.
Create Your Story
A mission statement has been identified and your target customer base defined. A brand must have a persona, personality and attitude. Some questions will help you build that brand personality:
• Think of your brand as a person- how would it relate to the consumer?
• What is your brand NOT?
• What are some of the Points of Parity and Points of
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Motivate consumers to keep checking back, drive traffic to your accounts, and look for promotions on the brand in multiple areas.
Steps to create a social media-marketing plan
Designing social media campaigns is a multifaceted mission, as the media landscape and realities are rapidly changing. The goal of a marketing communications plan is to inform, persuade and remind consumers about the brand and it’s benefits, while creating a connection in order to gain retention.
Create social media objectives and goals - Establishing goals for the media-marketing plan is a critical first step when launching your story. Setting goals will keep your story true to the brand; communicate a constant message across multiple social platforms without confusing the audience, a controllable source to gauge success and a control variable for evaluation of a brand’s
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Though a benefit to using social media is its cost effectiveness, it can be time consuming if not strategically placed. Each network is unique and effective, with its own strengths, style, and consumers. To maximize time and money it’s essential to be selective and use social media outlets that support a brand’s image. A brand should mix and match platforms. The market segmenting and consumer target market defined will play a role in selecting the best platform to exploit as well. A couple examples to implement available in the social media landscape are:
Facebook- great for any brand, as it’s user pool is heterogeneous and 75 percent of US consumer adults are Facebook members.
Pinterest - A platform to consider if a brand targets females, independent, active, and fashion forward individuals. Pintrest is a great way to plug the brand- as many consumers that engage in the site are looking for examples, ways to do things, suggestions, leaving a great opportunity to showcase a brand using examples in hopes of persuading the user to buy into it.
Instagram a social network to reach multiple cultures and races. If a brands message relies on a heavy use of imagery to communicate the message, Instagram is a place for the brand to live

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