Social Media Presence Of SSG Charles Herring

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Organizations wishing to build brand awareness, engagement and loyalty have a number of media options available to them. Most organizations utilize traditional marketing methods, such as print ads or television/radio advertising. However, another increasingly important marketing avenue is that of social media. Social media allow users to engage with one another in the virtual environment (Sterin, 2013, p. 191). With an increasing number of people utilizing social media platforms, it is important that businesses capitalize on social media use to help them engage with potential consumers just as the rising viewership of television programming (p. 51) required that organizations utilize television advertising to connect with them. While social media may be easy to navigate, it is important that organizations develop a detailed plan on how they wish to engage with their network and how they will utilize that engagement to drive organizational success. Additionally, they must be sure to implement this plan in a calculated and professional manner to reap the most benefit from their social media presence. …show more content…
Army Recruiter in Muscle Shoals,

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