Should School Schools Be Banned? Essay

1015 Words Nov 13th, 2014 5 Pages
Using cell phones in school has always been a constant topic for students and staff in school districts. There are some school districts that are about eighty percent technology and only twenty percent in class teachings; which means that many schools are starting to like and appreciate how useful technology can be. Schools are gaining money for not using as much electricity in classrooms simply because classrooms are not being used as often with the switching to technology and having online classes. Cell phones and other technological items have been banned in schools, but now many school districts are now allowing students to use their phones to take tests, learn things that cannot be seen, and hardly be in the classroom because of online classes
There is quite a bit of background information that helps people’s understanding of why some schools do not allow cellphones in school. One thing is that there are ban policies set by school administrators that keep students off of their own technological devices. The policies also keep students from learning in new, improved, and interesting ways that keep the classroom interesting. Without the technology students, are less likely to pay attention and nod off during class decreasing what students actually gather from school. Another thing is that schools are starting to allow students more and more technological freedom by letting them listen to music while working, letting them do online projects, and by letting students use…

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