Right Supervision And Adjustment Brings Out Positive Outcomes

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Right supervision and adjustment brings out positive outcomes. Every teacher has different methods of teaching. And, the teacher who manages his/ her tasks genuinely they make their sounds successful learners and achievers. Writing is the primary element used in every course. Before taking the English course, I lacked the ability to write effectively. But, during this course I learned about the chief points needed to write effectively like :- time management skills, working on thesis statement, reading skills, writing skills. These points made writing interesting and easier than before. Time management is one of the important factor in writing course. During High school english class, I never focused on time management skills. But, In the beginning of this course, I learned to manage my time more effectively. For example:- During high school my teacher never handed out any guideline about what we were going to study during the week. For the english college course, our professor provided the guideline that showed the topics students had to focus on throughout the semester. This helped the students to plan ahead of time, and study before hand for the course. The time management skill brought discipline to my life and helped not only to manage time for other courses but also to save time for extracurricular activities like volunteering, playing etc. One of the biggest shortcoming I have faced during writing an essay was developing a thesis statement which I overcame during…

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