Provision of Public Services Essay

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Provision of Services in Urban Areas - What are the Challenges in Developing Countries?

The manner in which provision of basic infrastructure services is dispensed to meet the demands of the public in general will determine the level of economic activity and, in turn, the overall development of a nation. Most sectors cannot function without electricity, telecommunications, and water; therefore, the adequate and effective provision of these services is central to the growth of an economy and the improvement of public welfare. Infrastructure can be seen as the “wheels of economic activity”1. Thus, developing infrastructure capacity:

1. Dominance of public enterprises In general, the widespread dominance of
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3. Expensive online public delivery systems.
If indeed citizen-centered governance and e- governance were synonymous or just two sides of the same coin, then the constraints to the realization of citizen- centered public service delivery in most developing countries would be straight forward. Internet connectivity, bandwidth, networks, portals and other infrastructure for on-line communication are not as developed in African countries as they are in the developed world. The bottom line here is that most African
Governments cannot afford highly developed systems of online public service delivery as is the
Case in developed countries. But some are making commendable progress, even in the face of
Resource limitations. In Kenya, registration of taxpayers and the filing of tax returns by
Individuals and corporate bodies can now be done online, and many government documents
Previously issued across the counter in public offices can now be downloaded from the websites
Of respective governments departments. The police department and the public service
Commission is examples of government agencies that are fast adopting online service provision.
4. Dictatorial ruling elite
In many African countries, ‘development ‘still comes to communities as a gift from the ruling elite who decide where state- financed development projects are initiated. This is the nature of politics of development

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