Benefits Of A Police Explorer

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A police explorer program is one that is offered by a police department for their city’s youth ages 14 ½ - 21 years. In this program the youth learn leadership skills and discipline among other things. A major part of being a police explorer is working in the community whether it be at community events, directing traffic during functions, and helping the different units of the department in whatever is needed. There’s a program offered by the Riverside County Sheriff’s department called the Explorer post program and in this particular program participants not only do community service they also go on ride-along once they’ve become eligible. They attend meetings to discuss business pertaining to the explorer programs and any upcoming events. …show more content…
This type of volunteer work is especially beneficial for the community because they’ll have a better idea of how the criminal justice system works and what really goes on at a station. This could help the police department by educating people and the process of things and how they should act when the visit a station for any problem they might have. Not many people know or understand what actually happens at a station so it might be a good thing to educate the public on. Another program that probably everyone is familiar with or at least know about is the police academy. This benefits mostly those in the community that are interested in becoming a police officer. They are educated in different subjects while they are in the academy by attending classes on different subjects. For example, the Riverside Sheriff’s academy is a 24 week program, 940 hours of training, along with learning about California laws, firearms training, laws pertaining to search and seizure among many others. Not only are they getting training outside they are also being educated. Once a participant has successfully finished the program and graduated they go onto the field training program ( Those that decide that the job isn’t for them will have learned about what it really takes to do the job. This being …show more content…
Knowing that there are programs out there to help make the community look better, be safer, and educate people gives citizens the impression that their police department is actually doing something and that they do care. The more effort that is put into organizing the programs the more likely they’ll be to help out police when they ask for it. It is easier to get along with the community you are serving if you have formed some type of bond or trust with them. The graffiti patrol makes the community look better by removing things that make a neighborhood look as if it is inhabited by vandals. The Police Explorer program teaches teens how to develop their leadership skills while they help out their community. It 's always nice to see these young volunteers out there at an event helping out and letting others know about programs that can change their lives. Station volunteers can make work a little easier especially in a department that is understaffed. They are also learning skills that can be used should they ever decide to apply for an office job. Of course the success of such programs depends state funding and support of the community. Nothing can be done if there isn’t enough support for the

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