Personal Narrative : The Seat Next Essay

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The Seat Next to Me
Today, I am sitting in the first row. Behind me, a student with her husband and parents. For decency, I am not crying, but it is pouring inside. I am being inducted into Golden Key Honour Society and both seats next to me are empty. I see some peers with their parents. They were all dressed to the nines. It was as if they were going to a gala. I felt nothing, but envy. For the last four years of my US college education, I have not been able to count on the presence of my parents in any college activities, especially that of my mother. Yes, she is the one in all my church and school photos. I remember my high school prom; she took time off from her job to be with me in that photo. Thus, she vehemently encouraged me to go to college and pursue a career. In my mind, I see the image of me wearing the black gown, while she hugs me and smiles with joy. The next three years from, 2006 to 2009, I went to UASD College in the Dominican Republic. Though, I wanted to be an engineer, an architect or anything math related, I chose psychology. I remember when I tutored my classmates in high school; they used to call me Pythagoras. Nevertheless, my idea has always been to work in a field that has a tangible effect in others. Thus, out of the few majors in my local college, I chose psychology. It is a career in which one can interact with others and feel socially active.
Then, in 2009 I came…

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