Personal Essay: A Party To Forget

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A Party to Forget
The majority of my weekends in the fall of my sophomore year of high school had been spent the exact same. Three of what I considered my closest friends and I would attend the Friday night football game and then pile up in my best friend’s sports car and head off to whatever party we had heard about prior to the game. We would all manage to construe a way into staying out at as late as we desired; my mother was under the impression that I was staying at a friend’s house, and my friends’ mothers were under the impression they were staying at my house. This routine became tradition.
“Kaitlyn! Are you going with us tonight? We’re leaving in about ten minutes.” My best friend Katie yelled across the parking lot of the high school
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The drive from the high school to Brad’s secluded property in the woods wasn’t a very pleasant one. Once we arrived to the parking area, I made the call to Jake so he could get us on the four-wheeler and take us down there since Katie’s car couldn’t make it. At the end of rough ride down a hill overran by tree branches, I see what I always see upon arriving at Brad’s. All of the redneck boys from schools all around the county have their trucks pulled down with coolers in their tailgates, playing music. I walk over to the fire and ask my “party friends” how they have been and then reach to grab my first beer, and lie, of the …show more content…
Why do you think you have go out every weekend even when you know you shouldn’t? Why did you ever leave your friends that had stuck by your side through the first two excruciating years of high school? Questions like those played on loop in my head. I had left the three people that cared about me more than anything. They stuck through it all, my parent’s divorce, my father’s drug problem, my grandmother’s declining health, and anything and everything in between. I missed them more than anything and would have given anything to have had the courage to call one of them and tell that. The next morning, I woke up to a message from Tra asking to come over to his house to talk things out and figure out where we would go from there. While the status of our relationship was heavily on my mind, that was not my main concern. I knew that I had to rekindle my old friendships. Tra found the kindness to forgive me, which brought great joy to me. All I wanted as this point was a second chance. We ate lunch and then he drove me

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