To Kill A Mockingbird: A Short Story

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"OUCH!" I yelled.

"Oh my god, can you shut up?" a voice said

"Yes totally, shut up" another voice said.

I flew open my eyes.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU BOTH?" I yelled on top of my lungs.

I asked this question to Jason and Meredith for about a millionth time now.

"umm..let us see...maybe because we are going to the beach today and, our bus is going to leave in about 22 minutes, to be exact" Meredith answered, after rolling her eyes.

"shit" I mumbled to myself. How can I be so stupid? the beach? How could I not remember. I had been waiting for this trip to come for almost for 2 weeks now. It was a 3 day trip to maycomb beach, and I was way more excited than anyone, well partly because it was the only 3 days leave we got a leave
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I was ready to go.

I stepped out of my room , Jason was waiting for me.

"awww, thanks."

He looked around for a moment

"wait. Do you think I was waiting for you?...Meredith had to pee, so I got her back from the freaking bus." Boy, he was so annoyed.

With that I burst into laughter...just a great start for a perfect day. I couldn't be happier.

I have 5 best friends. Jason, Meredith, lucy, eva, and Edward. We got to the bus and settled ourselves nearby. Unfortunately I dint get a seat next to any of them, instead I had to sit next to these bimbo girls who talked about a new mac lipstick released in the market and blah blah blah. Fortunately Edward was sitting right in front of me, when he saw me looking, he turned back and whispered

"having good time, buddy?"

"yes, very" sarcasm showing in my words. He chuckled at that.

"whats so funny?"

"oh nothing..just seeing you feel kind of interesting."

"wait till I get out of this bus" I said out loud. he started laughing again.

With that I drifted off to sleep, but was awoken by a girl who was shrieking after about an

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