Five Awesome Tricks To Train Your Dog

5 awesome tricks to teach your cat
You’ve probably heard a thousand times that it’s impossible to train a cat. I admit that teaching your cat to do tricks is more complicated than training your dog, but it’s absolutely doable.
As long as the cat is properly motivated and in a mood for learning anything is possible.
In fact, you’ve already taught your cat something. She comes when you call her name, doesn’t she?
Then you’re ready for the next level. But before we see some awesome tricks that will strike your friends dumb, let’s talk about something else first.
What do you need to train a cat?
The first thing you should get before starting your lesson is a bag of cat treats. But not any ordinary treats. They should be the most delicious, irresistible ones you can find. If your cat doesn’t like the food, she won’t do what you want and will lose
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#5 Walk on a leash
I admit that this might be one of the hardness tricks you can teach your cat, but if you want to take your Kitty out for a walk, it’s worth giving it a try.
Start by getting your cat familiar with the harness. Don’t secure it at firsts because this might freak out the cat. Let her get comfortable with the feeling of the harness and then secure it.
Get your cat to spend a couple of minutes every day with the harness and then add the leash. Allow your cat to walk around the house with the leash and harness so that she can get used to it. Then you are ready to take her for a walk.
But keep in mind that cats are temperamental creatures, and despite all your efforts she might just refuse to be walked around like a dog and just lie stubbornly on the floor. Also, some cats might be too scared to go outside their comfort zone (your house) and you shouldn’t force them.
Cat training is not impossible as long as the reward is worth the effort from your cat’s point of view. Remember that and everything is

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