Essay about My Second Grade Honors English Class

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On April 7th, my 10th grade honors English class was handed our final assignment. Our task was to find a topic, research it, write an essay, and present it. It sounded dreadful to many of us. Yes, we did have some class time to work on the 550 point assignment, but we had to do the majority of it at home. The essay was not due for over a month, so I had time come up with a topic. Initially, I thought it would be extremely difficult to choose something which I could devote multiple hours to, apparently I was wrong. I had five ideas, with smaller subtopics attached to each one. Being notoriously indecisive, the obvious decision was indecision. A few hours later and multiple Google pages, I was bored. I did not have the necessary “passion” required for the project. I had spent three of the six days allotted in class scrolling through various topics, articles, and papers looking for my passion. The panic started to set in. My teacher tried to reassure me, but the straight A student in me was freaking out. Then I realized I fo.
I went to a K-8 school where it was almost impossible to fail the classes. I was so used to getting A’s. When I came into high school, A’s were my expectations. The sudden realization that school came with homework and grades relied on me doing it, put me into a state of stress which I have yet to escape. In fact, many teens are faced with mental illnesses inflicted by school related events. Denise Pope, senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of…

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