Essay on Music Concert Of Beethoven And Strauss

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Business suit, waistcoat, black trousers and bow tie. Double check the time. Last preparation with a pocket square, check the tickets, and order the cab. David Geffen Hall at Lincoln center to experience New York Philharmonic. Thursday, April 7 by half past seven all classical music lovers in a hurry toward to classical music concert of Beethoven and Strauss. The audience is exciting about this evening, and it is foreseeing, program for today is big. It includes Strauss “Oboe Concerto” and Beethoven “Symphony No 6, Pastoral”. Approached the venue I noticed how the audience was fully prepared for the concert. Ladies and gentlemen, in a nice evening dresses and suits talking about the artist who is going to perform. I was listening to the lady who was excited about the oboe concerto and young artist Liang Wang how he could play mastery. I heard how she mentioned to her friend something like: “keep your eyes and ears on our principal oboe, he must play 57 measures without a break”. Later I read in the program note that Strauss didn’t show much mercy to his soloist in this oboe concert. The concert was ready to start. Opulence of that evening, dresses of the audience, their attitude and manner of speaking created the atmosphere of western civilization of that time and gives the feeling that I am somewhere in the 19th century. Esteemed audience was following by the rule of that time society. After showing the tickets, leave coats at foyer, you could enter the main beautiful…

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