Northern Symphony Orchestra Concert Report

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Corey Briggs, Ohio Northern Symphony Orchestra, Freed Center, October 25th, 2015

Introduction I attended the Ohio Northern Symphony Orchestra concert on Sunday, October 25th. The concert was held in the Freed Center. The stage was very large in size and had a huge section to sit in for the people who attended the concert. The performance lasted roughly an hour and thirty minutes. The performance was incredible, the violinist played incredible together as well as the brass and percussion. Ryan Briley, the music major who came to our class one day to demonstrate the digeridoo, was a conductor one of the pieces played in the concert. My favorite part of the concert was the flute soloist Nicole Wells, who was the winner of the ONU Concerto Competition. The performers were dressed in all black. Men wore suits and women wore dress or skirts which ever they preferred.
La Forza Del Destiono: Overture (The Force of Destiny)
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The performance medium of the song was a symphony orchestra. The orchestra played a triple meter throughout the song with a homophonic texture. Different performers of this piece had less of a part to the main part by the violinist. The song started out adagio, it was a very slow tempo but had a numerous amounts of accelerando throughout the performance. The main dynamic of the song was piano, it had a very soft tone to it until the accelerando came into play which then gave it a forte type of dynamic. There were also a lot of times where the pitch began to increase and decrease which gave it a dynamic of crescendo and

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