Essay on Marketing Research Krispy Kreme

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Exclusive Summary

As you know Thailand has many brand of donut and last year have new brand come to Thailand it is Krispy Kreme Doughnut. First time that they promote everyone interesting and exciting about that. Now it not interesting like beginning period. So, our group would like to study about customer preference and want to know about customer satisfaction with price, place, taste and location of Krispy Kreme Doughnut.
We try to know all customer think with Krispy Kreme Doughnut
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It hard to do questionnaire in raining day. Finally we decide to divide in to two groups first stay around BTS. We stand different door.
Finally, The problem that we meet is from confusing with question, place and weather that we survey is not convenience for do the research but finally we get questionnaire enough to do the research although it has correct one and wrong one.

Definition of the population

Is the amount of people or has the same characteristic in the similar way or the same way which include all sex and every age. Person are likely the same things and from one to others, they all in a group and as a group we called “population”. For example our group project we doing a research about donut which is the most popular and famous in Thailand now called “Crispy Cream” located in paragon shopping mall. As we research we want to know the amount of population which has the same things in the same ways such as like to eat donut or like to do the same activities, we don’t target only people who are under 30 but we do target all sex, age and people who are in Bangkok too. Therefore population are large group of people not even in the country can be all over the world who like to do or eat in the same or similar things. And if we want to target something we can target in a whole group of people which means population of something we want

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