Krispy Kreme Essay

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Title of the case: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Time Context: 2008
Summary / Abstract: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is known to be the producer of doughnuts that they sell traditionally warm in public. The company’s success is widely known by the consumers in differents countries which makes them to be one of the outstanding companies in the business industry. But they encounter conflicts that results them to decline in some other ways.
This case study on Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, determining the best practices to be shared and probably the negative practices to be explained with the newly formed companies that will soon to be known, will produce a very informative statements.
This will explain the strength which makes the company to stand
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The U.S. Being health conscious of some of the consumers 3. Tastes and preferences of the consumers may threaten the company

IV. Alternative Course of Action: 1. Close unprofitable stores and focus more on domestic areas and global market.
a. Increase capital from sold locations and properties b. It will decrease loss c. Develop new target market that can generate great revenues
a. Loss domestic locations b. Loss foothold on domestic regions c. Increase cost for new locations

2. Diversify and expand product mix and develop cultural oriented products.
a. Attraction of new customers b. Attractive to international market c. Customer recognizes product that they do not know increasing popularity d. May increase items sold per purchase. e. More competitive with the market.
a. Additional cost on advertising and promotion b. New development and packaging cost c. Customers may not patronize the products thus risk of not selling

3. Make more charitable efforts through giveaways and wholesale charges to charities.
a. Attraction of new customers b. Attraction of investors c. The company can have added profits by promotion of charities d. Loyal customers will increase
a. Additional costly b. Unsecured training of employees can lead to misuse of equipments

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