Essay Graduation Letter For Graduate Degree

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My interest in earning my doctorate degree in Counseling dates back to when I was in junior high. At that time, I was always the person everyone came to when they were having problems. This is when I realized I enjoyed, and had a knack for, helping others. Capella University allows me to achieve this desire, while helping me reach my goals. When looking into doctoral programs, I needed them to meet two criteria; they needed to be CACREP accredited, as well as online. In order to ensure that I achieve the career advancement I am striving for requires the program be CACREP accredited. One of my plans for my future is to teach at the post-secondary level. Many schools require a doctorate degree in order to teach. My plan is to continue working as a school counselor, and take on the role of adjunct professor as well. My life affords me the time to pursue my degree, but not in the traditional sense. I am prepared to put in 10 to 15 hours a week towards my degree, and Capella will allow me to do this during non-traditional hours.
I believe that everyone should strive to be a lifelong learner. In many careers, counseling included, change is inevitable. In order to be an effective counselor, you need to continue to learn and grow in your field. While there are other ways to continue to learn, I feel that working towards an advance degree is the ultimate way to learn, grow and prosper. It is a goal of mine to always aim for growth in my career, as well as my life.…

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