Cgc Personal Statement

Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) has guided me, a 49 year-old college sophomore, to utilize my academic grit in order to mentor other students, and past experiences to succeed in my educational and career goal as a visual healing artist. My 25 years of medical experience are rooted in my professional goal to be a visual healing artist. Mentors of my previous medical profession ranged from surgeons, doctors, and firemen to patients and their families, all of which helped me learn about human anatomy, kinesiology, and compassion for humanity. My medical career started over 25 years ago as an administrative assistant. I worked my way up the medical professional chain from my emergency medical technician (EMT) certification, registered dental assistant, x-ray technician, surgical technician, medical administrator of insurance billing and surgery scheduling, to an insurance agent of life and health, disability and long term care. Having a newfound understanding of the academic lifestyle and pushing towards my degree in fine arts, my academic goals also include a minor in behavioral psychology. Studying the effects …show more content…
These skills were implemented to help them succeed in high school with the comfort of college students’ mentorship. In turn, my colleagues and I had a sense of accomplishment in helping these young students. In reflection, the Honor’s English students stated that they had wished they also had college mentors in high school. My high school mentee student and I still keep in touch. Be it a few minutes or hours of their time, the writing and math tutors mentorship also contributed to my academic success. For instance, the day before my math final, I had a tutor sit with me for a three hours until I understood the data sets. Needless to say, I passed with a score of

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