Germany : A Western European Country Essay

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Germany is a Western European country with landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea Beach. Deutschland is the native name of the country in the German language which was formed from the “der Deutschen Land” or land of the Germans. The flag of Germany consists of three equal horizontal bands of black, red, and gold. The colors of black, red, and gold plays an important role in German history which can be traced back to the black eagle with red claws and beck on a gold field banner of the Holy Roman Emperor. The Holy Roman Empire was a
German-majority, multi-ethnic empire in Europe from 962 until it was defeated in 1806 by Napoleon in the Battle of Austerlitz. When some German –states that were a part of the Holy Roman Empire came under French rule, several German organization, most notably Lutzow Free Corps and Jena Student’s League whose members wore black and gold uniforms with red accessories and used flags of those colors, began agitation to free Germany from foreign rule. When Germany was unified under Otto von Bismarck in 1871, it chose a national flag with horizontal strips of black-white-red. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, the currently flag was adopted as the national flag of Germany in 1919, during the Weimar Republic. Germany, home to over 82.652M people, is considered the 17th most populous country as of 2015. Its population is 91.5% German, 2.4% Turkish with the remaining 6.1% made up largely by Greek, Italian, Polish,…

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