Essay On Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing has been around for several centuries and has always caused debates on if it should be kept or not this essay aims to persuade you that animal testing should be banned completely everywhere that hasn 't banned it already by banning cosmetic and medical animal testing altogether

The biggest producers have banned animal testing completely setting an example and being a good role model for some companies and countries although some countries have banned animal testing they have not completely banned it they will either allow cosmetic testing or medical testing to continue the same with companies they always state that they don 't test on animals but if you keep looking you will find that they will test on
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The biggest producers definitely need to stand up more to persuade and convince the other companies that they don’t need to go anywhere near an innocent animal for the testing of their products making everyone feeling positive if they know that nothing has been harmed in the making of the product also if you go look up animal testing and go on any website with polls the majority want it to be banned completely or banned in their country Many people have started to realise just how much barbaric us humans are treating the animals one of the stupidest arguments for animal testing is that animals don 't have rights they are a living things that have needs to survive just like humans, they need shelter, food, water, medication, freedom, a right to live animals are not for human enjoyment nor are they for harming or killing just for our wants if we keep killing animals because of pointless testing we could end up making some species …show more content…
Science has developed so much more as animal testing has been used for quite a few centuries. They are many electronic ways to test for medical and cosmetic products that need to be put through tests. Some other alternatives that used that aren’t electronic many people will claim that they are because they are from pieces of animals like eyes from chickens but these mainly come from slaughter houses. Some companies will test on humans where it obviously won’t involve harsh chemicals being poured all over them they will test beauty products for side effects and medically they might be given a pill to “guinea pig” the drug for their illness. In conclusion animal testing should be banned completely because as stated above it is well outdated scientifically, they may pass the tests but they fail most things in humans, it makes everyone feel good, the majority wants it banned, the biggest producers have banned it completely, it is more expensive to run that the alternatives, they hardly share the same diseases and illnesses that we

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