The Harm Against Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation

Animal Experimentation has been a problem and it still remains being one of the biggest problems. Most people agree that animal experimentation should be banned but there is no agreement of what the outcome would be. Although, there are other ways of getting results without testing on animals which are, human tissue, drug trials, genetic testing, etc. Other people think animal testing is the best way because some animals have an organism as a human like traits such as mice, rats, cats, monkeys, pigs etc. Sometimes testing on an animal does not completely match with a human body reaction towards the outcome of the research from an animal. I agree that animal experimentation is cruel and there are other ways of finding
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As how people think, animal testing is the best way to find information, animal testing should be banned and here is why. While animals are getting tested to find research for humans the animals are being harmed by the chemicals the scientists are using and the animals are getting hurt even if the research or treatment the scientists come out with does not necessarily approve with a human body. PETA states, " The Food administration reports that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass on animal tests fail in humans." (PETA). This shows that getting research from animals for humans is not always approved by the human body, even if scientists say that animals have the same traits as humans. Animals are getting harmed as they are being tested on for research and it is very cruel because the outcome of the animal is dying and by the treatment that may not work on humans it is not worth it for the animals. As a matter of fact, Animal experimentation does not need to happen there is other alternatives that can replace …show more content…
Companies use animals as well, for the products they have come up with, scientists test on animals' eyelids and the animals get blind or poisoned by cosmetics. There are several companies who sell cruelty free make up and that type of makeup is not tested on animals it is tested on vitro tests or clinical studies on humans. Cruel beauty points out, " Every year cosmetics companies in the United States kills millions of animals while testing their products...among... Inhumane practices is the injection of caustic substances into the eyes...of living rabbits to test irritation. They break necks and backs..." (Cruel Beauty). While animals are getting tested from the scientists the animals are getting tortured and their skin gets irritated by the products that makes animals die from the despair they get put through. Companies should change the way they are going to test out their products to not put animals into an everyday life situation of getting tortured. Even though, there is proof that the United States or any other country does not require scientists or any other type of company to test on animals. Every animal has rights just as a human being's do which that applies to everyone is why Europe has stopped testing on animals since 2009 from being tested by cosmetics, if a person kills an animal for example buffalo, deer, goat, etc... without some type of permission that person can go to prison or get a fine for

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