Should College Be Free Essay

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Should college be free for all students? Upon my research I’ve come to realize that I’m in a bit of a predicament, College should be free not only because it’s a really great idea and it could potentially help this economy. College shouldn’t be free for many reasons first and foremost taxes would rise if not done correctly and hurt the economy more than it already is, students might not take college education so serious knowing that it’s just another free program. So in this essay I will be discussing the differences of having free education and not. College should be a free program if you take the time to think about it, how great would it be to live in a better educated society where decision-making would be absolutely amazing tackling …show more content…
College is a place where you go and get educated on the job that fits you best, having all of these students coming for free education will not only make it hard to find a job but it will also devalue your degree. Imagine Thousands of people applying for the same job and having the same degree as you? This will hurt many Americans. Colleges would have to make waiting list for students who would want to join college just to get an associate’s degree this waiting list could in fact get really bad, on average waiting for 2 years only meant that you are lucky enough to not wait so long other students will have to wait half a decade just to get into college. Graduation numbers could potentially drop due to the fact that not many students will take college serious anymore.
Students will still have to borrow money just to get the books they need or any other supplies that would require them to graduate, the prices of the dorm rooms on college property would sky rocket knowing that they no longer have to pay for college. No matter what you do college will never truly be free for the public unless you join a government funded program.
As much as I like the idea that free college could potentially change the way this country is heading and change the world as we know it, if we had allot more invested people solving everyone’s issues who knows maybe this world would be great again. I leave this to you and you choose should college be free or not? Thank you for reading my

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