Education Is No Cost For Receiving A College Education Essay

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Education For Everyone Education is something that everyone should be able to have. Knowledge is not something that should be for sale. Everyone should be able to have equal opportunity. This is why there should be no cost for receiving a college education. The general argument made by Carol Roth in the article “Free Community College Isn’t Free...and it’s a Bad Idea” is that saying that college will be free when it really won’t, and it will cause more problems and evidently not solve any current problems. She states that nothing is really ever free because there has to be someone paying for the programs that the schools are offering. In addition, Roth claims that the taxpayers will end up paying it off at large; as well as the supply and demand effect where just because college is being deemed “free” the more of it you offer the more cost will increase. To support this idea she specifically writes, “ Someone has to pay for the costs of the program and those paying for it will be the taxpayers. That means that both the people who opt for free community college will pay for it — as well taxpayers at large — at inflated prices down the road” she also mentions “ It 's basic supply and demand. If you put more demand into a fixed supply of colleges, costs will increase. Although Roth does not say so directly, she apparently assumes that deeming community college as free will obviously not solve any current problems the government has caused us, and it will also won’t benefit…

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