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Rosalie Baker
Music 120 Online #2745
November 30, 2014

On November 20, 2014, I had an opportunity to watch a concert entitled “Autumn Winds” at Colburn School in Downtown Los Angeles. It was part of a monthly concert series “Rush Hour Concerts at Colburn” hosted by Gibson Dunn. Gibson Dunn is a prominent law firm whose active involvement in the community expands to all various arenas of the society through their leadership and services. Rush Hour Concert is held monthly at Thayer Hall in Colburn School located at 200 South Grand Avenue diagonally across from the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Rush Hour Concert encourages the commuters to avoid traffic with this program to unwind after a long days of work with a wine reception at 5:30 pm
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He became the organist at the Church of Madeleine, which was a highly regarded post. He was well known in Paris. A virtuoso who had won prizes for his compositions; Introduction et rondo capriccioso (1863) as well as the Second Piano Concerto (1868). He held a post at Ecole Niedermayer during 1861 and 1865 as a piano professor. He had built life-long friendship with one of his students Gabriel Faure, one of the great composers of the 19th century and early 20th century. He would be what we would call a renaissance man, for his many gifts and interests. He was interested in Science and also a mathematician. During his later years, an avid traveler and writer wrote about his travels, poetry, and philosophical work. His work continued to be inspired by Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner, composed symphonic poems including Danse Macabre in 1874. He is also known for his opera Samson et Dalila. He died in 1921, in Algeria.ëns-camille
Sources: The following websites retrieved on November 29, 2014. The third piece was composed by Giacomo Miluccio, Rhapsody for Clarinet (ca. 1979). This beautiful and technically

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