Chick Fil A 's Company Vision Essays

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As I dwell on my past experiences, one company that has created within me a Raving Fan is Chick-fil-A. Each time I dine at one of their restaurants, I am amazed with all that encompasses the Chick-fil-A spirit. Upon entering one of their restaurants, it is no secret why so many fast food customers prefer them over the plethora of options to be found within the fast food industry. The reasoning behind their success is relatable to the three Raving Fan secrets to customer service excellence, they have decided what they want to do, they have discovered what the customer wants, and they deliver plus one on numerous occasions. Chick-fil-A’s company vision is to simply provide excellent food and service, while portraying the Christian values that the company was founded on. A religious presence is evident even if you have never dined at one of their local restaurants. Chick-fil-A operates under a six day work model to recognize Sunday as the Sabbath and to allow their employees to rest and rejuvenate for a new work week. In addition to Chick-fil-A observing Sunday as a religious day of rest, they also embody a servant’s heart. They treat every customer that walks through their doors with honor and respect. It is clear that each of their employees have been trained to exemplify this mindset in order to provide the customer with a pleasurable dining experience and resounding “my pleasure”. Within the fast food industry, quality is not something that customers usually expect, but…

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