Cheesecake Shop Case Study

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The Gaps model identifies the difference in expectations that can occur between the customer and the management. The model can be applied to my experience at The Cheesecake shop (TCS). As a customer, I was able to analyse the relationship between the 'customer promise' and the Gaps model.
Gap 1
Gap 1 identifies the difference between the customers expectations of the service and what the management perceives about the expectation, it is also termed as the knowledge Gap (Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry, 1985). TCS presented a positive customer service experience, in which they achieve Gap 1. When I entered the shop I was welcomed by a staff with a genuine smile. They asked what type of cake I sought, specifically if it was for a Birthday or
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This depends on the design of the service standards and how that aides in customer service (Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry, 1985). According to their 'customer promise', managements perception of customer expectations may be that customers are expecting fresh cakes baked in stores with top quality ingredients. The service strategy to achieve this standard could be the structure of the shop itself. As I came into the shop, there was no door separating the in-house bakery and the out-house area; hence, I was able to see their personal work environment. The open layout of the shop presented their working space and the process involved with baking the cakes. As a customer, I was assured that their products are fresh and made with quality ingredients, as they opened up their working space to be seen by the customer themselves. Furthermore, their 'customer promise' entails that they provide service to any event and is able to make custom made cakes. This is achieved through the promotion of special cakes for particular events. They had an iPad on display, which customers can use to look through the type of custom made cakes. TCS website also promoted the upcoming fathers day specials, as well as other events. Overall, they utilise both their online and direct services to achieve their 'customer …show more content…
TCS has three outlines that promises the customer about their services. The first promises that all cakes are baked in stores and cakes can be customised. The second emphasises that cakes are made with love and that all ingredients are top quality. The third promises that TCS provides a genuine service and solution for any occasion and not for the purpose of just selling cakes (The Cheesecake Shop, n.d.). I felt that TCS successfully performed customer service that is true to their 'customer promise'. They demonstrated service that achieves their customer promise as explained with the previous Gaps.
Gap 5
Gap 5 is the overall difference between customer expectations and perception (Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry, 1985). In terms of the relationship with Gap 5 and the 'customer promise' they promote a positive and warm image. As a customer I felt a sincere response from the staff, as they seemed genuinely interested in satisfying my needs. Furthermore, they also offered me an extra sample, which enhanced my experience. Overall, TCS presented a professional and positive appearance and I felt that the customer service exceeded my expectations.

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