Being An Unemployed Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

835 Words Oct 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Despite the idea that facts do not always represent what is real and true, they allow the human’s mind to be free from the aversion of uncertainty and ambiguity. Facts play a crucial role in the health/medical field. As a health profession, it is important to rely on facts in order to accurately examine the health of a patient. Meanwhile, it is also crucial for the patient to understand the facts of one’s condition in order to have it treated respectively. Above all, I am both a health profession and a patient. Being an unemployed certified nursing assistant (CNA) whose certification is soon to be expired as well as a patient who’s currently undergoing recovery from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery, I have come across a problem that yearns for a solution. Because my certification expires on February of 2017, but my recovery process does not end until the end of December, I often contemplate if I should work as a CNA while recovering from my ACL surgery. Upon examining the facts regarding the risks of re-injuring my knee, the consequences of neglecting patients, and the licensing requirements for the certified nursing assistants of Wisconsin, I have approached the solution of risking the possession of my certification over the healing process of my knee. Through investigation and research, I came to realize that there are multiple risk factors of working in the nursing field if one is still recovering from surgery. According to my physical therapist at Children’s…

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