Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant

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In my life I have always gone above what was expected to help others, whether I am holding a door open for someone coming in or giving someone a smile that may make their day. I have always wanted to help others whenever opportunity approaches. Helping others reminds me of when it rains and after the rain comes a rainbow. At this time I started with medical assistant being that I would be able to help many people with such things like making an appointment, recording what is needed for the physician to care for the patient, or taking someone’s temperature. While these are a great way to help patient’s further education would allow me to help patients even more. In the future, help others, providing an increase of job opportunity, and working at a hospital would be great benefits of becoming a certified nursing assistant. Furthering my education will help for me to improve my skills and allow me to help many of people. …show more content…
Have you ever thought about helping someone it might be a simple thing to you but what if it meant the world to them? Seeing them smile means the world to me so I would become a certified nursing assistant and I would be able to put a smile on their face, and that makes me want to help even more. Having a big heart to me says that you care and are willing to help the patients with whatever may be needed. There are many things that can help like when greeting a patient and ask them about their day. When you do so, it will make the patient feel welcome and that the staff cares about them. Helping our patients is an important part of this career, and we must be able because the job focuses on taking care of our

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