Certified Nursing Assistant

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CNA which stands for certified nursing assistant have an important job to do. To become a CNA you must get certified, If not you will become a nursing assistant. Nursing assistants usually called “Nursing aids” It helps you to provide on your care for patients in hospitals and residents. Nursing assistants helps use restroom, get dressed, serve meals, clean and bathe patients, helps patients get in out of bed and wheelchairs.
Nursing assistants helps there residents mentally and physically. CNA is provided to help the nurses with residents. It’s certain things nurses can do and can’t do. Its 22skills you have to know to become a CNA requirement you have to follow step by step like Handwashing, Modified bath, Feeding, Mouth care, Perineal care, Transfer to wheelchair, Foot care, Positioning to the side, Blood pressure, Respiration, Weighing, ROM (2), PPE, Stocking, Pulse. CNA do not require by giving medication, using insulin.
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They also are required to put a gown on over their clothing. To become a CNA you have to take a state board test to get certified. CNA is important on what you do and how to become one it all depends on you and your patients. In CNA no interpreters or translators may be used during the clinical skills examination. If you fail the written examination or the skills evaluation, your score report will provide you with information on retaking either or both parts. A new examination fee is required each time you retake any part of the NNAAP Examination. It’s a possibilities that you can retake either or both parts you must submit you official score report and a retake fee to

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