Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant

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Your resume is the first impression that a potential employer will have of you. Getting a job as a certified nursing assistant not only depends on your education and experience, but you need to have a great resume in order to land an interview for your dream job. Learning how to format a resume is the first step in the job application process.

1. Gather all of your information. This includes previous jobs, education information and any additional skills or awards you would like to list on your resume.

2. Decide if you would like to use a chronological resume, which lists all of your experiences in reverse chronological order, or a hybrid of a chronological and functional resume, which highlights both your experiences and abilities. If you have been employed previously as a certified nursing assistant and are looking for a job at a new facility, a chronological resume is best. If you are changing careers and have no previous work experience as a certified nursing assistant, the hybrid model can highlight any previous work experience that will apply and your showcase your abilities that will be useful in your new career, such as caring for others, being able to lift heavy amounts of weight or other healthcare skills you have.
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Format your resume correctly. In learning how to format a resume, it is critical to set up your document in a black, readable font that is no smaller than 10 point. Make all of your margins are between .75 and one inch to give the resume plenty of white space, which increases readability.

4. Write your contact information at the top of your resume. Your potential employer needs to be able to easily contact you for interviews or follow-up interviews. List your name, the city and state you live in, the best number to reach you at and a website, if applicable.

5. Write a summary statement that showcases the best of your abilities and skills in a brief statement. Think of it as a 30-second elevator

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