Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay example

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Each year millions of animals are brutally tortured in cosmetic laboratories for the sake of cosmetic purposes. Most cosmetic companies around the world are allowed and continue to use the barbaric act of testing their harmful products on animals. Cosmetic testing on animals is an inhumane and horrid act that shouldn 't be allowed to continue in the United States, or anywhere around the world for its harsh outcomes on the animals being tested. The banning of cosmetic testing in European countries has gained a lot of recognition around the world as it may lead to the abandonment of animal testing in other countries, Like the United States. The act of testing cosmetic products or ingredients on animals is now illegal in some countries but is yet to be banned in the most industrialized country, The United States. Many optimist will agree that this just might be the beginning to the end of these cruel acts that are still performed every day, around the world. Cosmetic testing on animals is bad for many reasons, one reason being that animals cannot defend for themselves. Humans are animals only voice and for that, some people fight for the rights that they cannot defend themselves. Some people truly might see animals as just being there, but in reality they are living creatures and they have feelings just like we humans do. Because animals cannot speak up for themselves and only we can speak up for the horrid acts that continue to happen in cosmetic laboratories, this means that…

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