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  • Night Time Narrative

    buildings are huge and there are so many people. I am standing on the corner of W 47th street and Broadway, standing in front of a Starbucks. I should probably find a hotel.. I pull my phone out of my pocket and pull up google maps. I find the Night Time Square right down the road just past 7th Ave is only about $88 a night, so I grip the straps of my backpack and start walking. I walk past the Phantom of Broadway store and take a quick peek inside and notice all of the broadway shirts and other…

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  • Did I Have A Positive Effect On My Life

    Ever noticed how quickly time fly’s by? A single day retains only twenty-four hours; ones individual life is contrived up of these single seconds, hours, and minutes. Before it’s even realized that time has passed. How that time was spent is inconsequential. I realized that no matter how that time was used; that day will come to a halt. When it ends there is a series of questions you can ask yourself. In my opinion there is one question that trumps the others. Did I have a positive effect on the…

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  • Central Park Research Paper

    Word Count (Body): 423 Title: Places to Visit in Central Park Tours New York Keyword(s): Central Park Tours New York Body: Popular for its energetic lifestyle, New York City has many locations to spend holidays. Contrary to the perception that the city is laden with skyscrapers, it is also covered with 14 percent of greenery to enjoy and relax. One of the most popular places in the New York City is Central Park that is close to various important locations and is located at the center of…

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  • Major Problems In The Gilded Age And The Progressive Era By Leon Fink

    Since the day the Declaration of Independence was signed Americans have fought to make sure that our citizens are treated equally for all. Without the work and persistence of people trying to make changes in our country, American history would be almost non-existent. Progressivism has been such a strong and growing ideal in our country that is has not left any Americans affected. From workers, to women’s rights, and even politically, progressive reformers have left no stone in our country…

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  • Biology Personal Statement

    I have always found enjoyment in discovering obscure and unusual facts about the body, then going onto tell others about my discovery. For this reason, biology has always had a magnetic effect on me. I find it incredible how life is in essence just a combination of molecules which then come together to create another more complex molecule, and so on, eventually leading to an organism as complex as the human body. Studying biology to A2-Level, I have been introduced to biological processes which…

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  • Essay About Central Park

    Central Park Travel Guide In the center of the Manhattan borough of New York, visitors will discover a storied and idyllic green space known as Central Park. This highly famed attraction was first built in 1857, and originally only encompassed 778 acres. After a time, the popularity of the park forced an expansion to the current 843 acres that it now holds. As a celebrated collaboration between the architect Calvert Vaux and landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted, Central Park is the most…

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  • Similarities Between The Hunger Games And The Lottery

    by the lottery. Everyone comes to the square to participate, which looks like a routine. Mr. Summers says “Well now, guess we…

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  • City Limits Analysis

    envisioned what it would be like to live in New York City, I always pictured living around Washington Square Park because that’s where NYU is centered. After being accepted to the university, I spent countless hours…

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  • Chiswick House Case Study

    homes are physically similar, is that they both have a dome on the top of a square structure. It was a sophisticated stylistic addition to Roman structures that had a lot of design flaws, but was very beautiful when constructed right. The dome gives the appearance of more space on the inside of a structure, without actually adding more room. This was to give the illusion that the room was bigger than it actually was in square footage. Another similarity that these two homes share is the…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Beautiful Scars In New York

    Beautiful Scars As I wander out of the subway station, I gaze at the marvelous city of Manhattan. It is a beautiful autumn morning in New York. The temperature is a perfect balance between warm and cold. The leaves that had fallen from the trees are bright and full of life. The air is crisp with a scent of bread and pastries from a nearby bakery. I decide to advance toward the bakery for a cup of coffee. The past five months have been different. Ever since the accident occurred, I’ve been…

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