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  • Fastcat Compensation Case Study

    We wanted to show our employees how competitive we were compare to the medium and larger companies we chose for the survey. This allowed to have a good fit for our regression line. We were able to achieve an R square value of .845. The closer to one the R squared value is, the truer the match of the FastCat jobs with the benchmark jobs. The R squared value shows that our comparisons were accurate and our job evaluation points are mostly in line with the market…

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  • Degrees Of Freedom Analysis

    This refers to a positive whole number that indicates the lack of restrictions in calculations. The following states below: (rows-1)(columns-1) = (4-1)(5-1)= 3= 12 Critical Value: In hypothesis testing, the critical value is a number that separates a region where the null hypothesis will not be rejected from a region where it will be rejected. It is achieved at a particular percentile range and is then determined using a chart, known as the distribution topic.” The equation below states the…

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  • Evaluate Two Research Hypothesis

    significance. Once this information was found from each dissertation, we then presented the spreadsheet to the instructor and classmates. We used SPSS Statistics 2012 to code in the collection of data we obtained from examining each dissertation. Pearson Chi-Square was used to compare the two groups of categorical variables, two tracks, for hypothesis one. We used an ANOVA to compare the variance of the two groups for hypothesis…

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  • The Tiananmen Square Protests Of 1989

    The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989, more popularly known as the Tiananmen Square Incident or Tiananmen Square Massacre, were a series of student-led demonstrations in Beijing during 1989. The student-led protests were forcibly suppressed by tanks and armed troops 2 weeks after the government declared martial law and mobilized as many as 300,000 troops into Beijing. The death toll is still widely debated.The protests happened during rapid economic and social developments in China. The students…

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  • Newton's Method Essay

    Intro: Newtons Method: Haley F. / Andrew H. Newton’s Method, also known as Newton-Raphson method, is a method used for finding the zeros, roots or in more simple terms where any given function exactly crosses the x access. In calculus we may be presented with problems given that we cannot find a definite answer to, but we can use Newton’s Method to calculate a group of answers that get closer and closer to the actual solution. Newton’s Method has given the world of calculus a method of…

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  • Internet Censorship In China Essay

    China’s Internet Censorship It is not good to be right when the government is wrong. And since most governments get to choose what they think is right even if it might not be, there is a good chance that somebody is not going to agree with them. This is a growing problem today in China where their communist government gets to choose what their citizens see and don’t see. It is unnervingly similar to what happened in George Orwell’s science fiction novel, 1984. The government, which is headed by…

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  • The Tiananmen Square: A Student Movement In China

    from China’s historically and politically significant Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 was the result of a tumultuous debate about the direction China must follow in the post-Mao era among its’ political leaders who felt their hand was forced to ensure the progress and stability of China’s future by a student movement that voiced serious concerns over the speed and legitimacy of proposed reforms. The demonstrations in Tiananmen Square…

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  • Five Broken Cameras: Documentary Analysis

    For possibly decades now, there has been fighting in the middle east and I am not sure it will ever stop. One particular story of fighting stuck out to me, however. A man named Emad Burnat filmed activist protest of Israel taking land from his small Palestinian village. The documentary he created is called Five Broken Cameras. He is a peasant farmer who lives off of the land he owned. He has a family consisting of his wife and his four sons. He films to show their side of the fighting and riots…

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  • The Ascendant Conflict Analysis

    In the novel, The Ascendant, by Drew Chapman, the United States was in a cyber war with China, where literary elements such as plot development, foreshadowing to create suspense, and point of view are skillfully used to drive the novel. Each of these elements help to convey the story’s central theme: when a war begins to break out, the military are not the only ones whose lives will change entirely. The team attempting to fight back in this covert war against the Chinese faced many struggles,…

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  • Student Protestors

    The leaderships’ response to the spring 1989 popular demonstrations before and after the night of June 4 was completely unnecessary and extreme. There is no justification for the slaughter of unarmed civilian protestors. The students and other protestors play a key role in the lead up to the events that unfolded, but the slaughter of hundreds if not thousands was completely uncalled for. But, no compromises were willing to be completely agreed on, multiple times, because there was always a small…

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