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  • Tim Berners-Lee Nobel Peace Prize

    part of it, the World Wide Web, referred to hereafter as “the web”, can and should. The web opened up vast opportunities that the world would not be the same without, the possibilities that it has created is endless. With this development Tim Berners-Lee significantly changed the way the world interacts, works, and helps each other. As such, due to his creation and what it has done and can do for the world, he should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first web client and…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Internet Is Puberty Of Society

    social life as well as the academic study. However, making best use of the Internet’s benefits in academic purpose begs the question that the existence of the World Wide Web has recently impaired the quality of students’ assignment paper. In spite of some demerits of Internet’s assistance in researching, there is no denying that the World Wide Web has brought students about considerable advantages. The first plus point of utilizing the Internet in doing research is that it provides students with…

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  • Examples Of Word-Of Mouth Marketing

    Followed by interactive marketing as a marketing communication tool on the World Wide Web. In this sense, firms use “online activities and programs designed to engage customers or prospects directly or indirectly to raise awareness, improve image, or elicit sales of products and services” (Kotler and Keller, pp. 478). This aspect particularly includes advertising on web sites, company blogs, email messaging, and catalogs. The goal is to customize the product to the individual as much as…

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  • Internet Case Study

    1990s, by Tim Berners-Lee. HTTP is the basis of web communication where linked text ‘connects’ to huge networks of linked pages, allowing the user to click them to explore an seemingly endless array of other hyperlinks, (Landow, G, 1992, p. 3 - 4). The introduction of browsers and Hypertext Markup Language, allows users to view linked pages and design pages with a vast array of linkable content, such as graphics and audio/visual. Public awareness of the web since its inception in the early…

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  • Disadvantages Of Online Marketing

    eMARKETING Knowing the history of the internet and the World Wide Web doesn’t really mean much. Knowing what it can do for you in marketing your product or service online is crucial. emarketing or online marketing as it is known can reach ______ customer who generally perform a search on the internet every ______ minutes. eMarketing (online marketing) is a set of tools and methods used to promote products or service through the internet. This is achieved through a broader range of marketing…

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  • Reflecting The Complexity Of Web Analytics

    verything is hard in the beginning, I think this maxim reflects the complexity of web analytics, it is "the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage"(n.d.), whereas goals, events, key performance indicators (KPI) are chief components of the aforementioned process, all these elements have their particular jobs to do, but they also interrelate with each other. Let 's define them individually in the following first. To start…

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  • David Weinberger's Selection From Small Pieces Loosely Joined Essay

    Internet is the most important way to communicate to receive the knowledge. The Internet is now known as a milestone of the new world of communication and knowledge. Some people believe that the Internet creates many problems. It is a new world that has advantages as well as disadvantages. Innovations of the Internet have many positive effects. However, there are negative effects that come with the usage of the Internet. There is a great concern from the family also the teachers and psychologist…

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  • Tldr Customer Service Business Plan

    TLDR Computer Services In the world of consumer electronics, large corporations like Best Buy and Walmart have placed the value of a sale over the value of knowledge and customer service. This has left an opening for business to not only survive, but flourish in the wake of these giants’ bottom line. TLDR Computer Services looks to provide a wide array of excellent electronic services including sales, repair, and data management, and do it with unsurpassed customer satisfaction. We can do this…

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  • Generation X Research Paper

    the Internet and World Wide Web was perplexing and intimidating, but Generation X, those latch key kids, baby busters and boomerang kids embraced it. Up until this time according to West 's Encyclopedia of American Law, most computer users prior to gaining access to the web were content playing games, talking with others on the office network or using other business-related applications. However those born from 1961 to 1981 known as Generation X changed the status quo; the web became their…

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  • Internet And Globalization Essay

    instant communication and easy access to endless amounts of information which, in turn, chaperoned a new brand of international culture and civil interaction. It has established a unique sense of social, educational, and creative freedom. The World Wide Web has redefined traditional methods of communication and schooling, and as a result is giving people opportunities and relationships that were never previously possible. "The Internet is the decisive technology of the Information Age, as the…

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