David Weinberger's Selection From Small Pieces Loosely Joined Essay

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Internet is the most important way to communicate to receive the knowledge. The Internet is now known as a milestone of the new world of communication and knowledge. Some people believe that the Internet creates many problems. It is a new world that has advantages as well as disadvantages. Innovations of the Internet have many positive effects. However, there are negative effects that come with the usage of the Internet. There is a great concern from the family also the teachers and psychologist because of the Internet’s impact on the cognitive, physical, and social growth of children. It has changed the way we receive information. Before the limitless way of the web, only those who could afford to read books held the most knowledge. David Weinberger in “ Selection from Small Pieces Loosely Joined” claims the Internet and the World Wide Web are a new world in which our usual knowing of space, time, personal identity and ways of getting knowledge are broken and therefore we will become a new people because this new world. He believes that the web has no space or geography because nothing here is natural the common sense doesn’t hold there and uncommon sense hasn’t yet sense. They also can learn more about the search tools and they can research fast and safe. David Weinberger in “Selection from Small Pieces Loosely Joined” Explains how he …show more content…
Before the establishment of the Internet, many institutions relied on the traditional forms of teaching. Students would be expected to attend classes and engage in class discussions. However, with the advancement of the Internet, it is now possible for lectures to be given online and also assignments (McPheeters) 2940. People can engage on online discussions through the Internet. Also, the Internet has made accessibility to education materials easy. Students can now access books and journals from online libraries that help them to save

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