Reflecting The Complexity Of Web Analytics

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verything is hard in the beginning, I think this maxim reflects the complexity of web analytics, it is "the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage"(n.d.), whereas goals, events, key performance indicators (KPI) are chief components of the aforementioned process, all these elements have their particular jobs to do, but they also interrelate with each other. Let 's define them individually in the following first.
To start with, goals are paramount to eventual success of an organization 's website. Prior to creating one, different goals lay the groundwork for the task ahead, and these are ultimate aims of web-based endeavour. As Avinash Kaushik (2010) states, "goals are
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As a footnote, there is a wide variation in goals, events, and KPIs because the nature of business may differ.
Example I:, a multinational management consulting firm, its goals are: Website appeals to potential clients, then brings in new leads/ inquiries. Increase transaction volume. Its KPIs are: Conversion rate, it can translate as enquiry sign up, online appointment for talking to a counsellor etc. Customer lifetime value, "...get more customers upgrading their accounts"(Millanovic, 2015). Its events are: 1. Search for information they want. 2. Read through relevant web pages. 3. Enter inquiry section. 4. Fill in the form, submit, put down a deposit online.
Example II:, an e-magazine site, its goals are: "Attracting maximum of visitors to the site"(Kermorgant, 2008). Increase the readership. Its KPIs are: Site traffic, the higher the better. Conversion rate, visitors subscribe to the e-magazine. Bounce rate, it "tracks the number of visitors who come to your site and then leave in a hurry"(Hoffman, 2012). Its events are: 1. Visitors select the topics most interesting to them. 2. Read the articles they wish, and make their comments on the page. 3. Study the terms and conditions of subscription. 4. Complete the form and confirm the registration as a
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Win global support for "promoting jobs, protecting people"(n.d.). Get endowments. Its KPIs are: Conversion rate, in the form of downloading report, becoming ILO fans of its Facebook page or followers on Twitter, subscribing the newsletter, donating money or other resources to the organization. Word of Mouth, "to understanding who is paying attention and willing to spread your content using their social media connections"(Hall, 2010). Its events are: 1. Search site for the necessary information. 2. Read essay/document with interests. 3. Share the content and send it to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.4. If they would like to give ILO a donation, they could pay by credit card or make a cheque to the organization.
In conclusion, adopting web analytics is a system approach that "at the heart of a data-driven strategy for the managing of digital business..."(n.d.), and the goals,

events, KPI are regarded as workable end results, core activities, benchmarks respectively of measuring, monitoring, and evaluating a website. In doing so, a site not only has its intended effect, but also immensely popular with its target

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